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Kitty Girl from BadBird

Doesn’t she look sweet and mischievous all at the same time? (kinda reminds me of myself). Thanks Andrea (badbird on Etsy), you are great!


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I received my adorable clothespin dollypop from Allsorts today. She is just adorable (second from the left in the photo). I am a happy girl today! Thanks Jenny (Loopsies at Etsy).

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Sugarcoated, Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Bear arrived today in her special little drawstring bag. She is adorable with her little bird on top of her head! Thanks Stephanie, sugarcoated on Etsy! She is very cute, and oh so soft!

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Can you see me now?

I am having too much fun today. This post is actually for my sister, who is going to have a look at my blog (which I kept secret from her, tee hee). This one is for you sister. Can you see me now?

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It’s hard to believe that another month has come and gone. Sweet Nellie has some adorable snoots and peeps in her Etsy shop. Have a look, and have a great Monday!

Very cute!

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