Temps here have been 60’s at night and 80’s in the day. All week warm and windy! Perfect tornado time. We have never been in a tornado but have seen the damage one can make. Spring kind of passed through quickly, if at all. I remember spring days with dew on the ground in the early morning, cool breezes and moderate temps….

Hope you have a happy Tuesday! Big hug, Deborah


Are you smiling? Have a nice day!
Deborah Marie

That is little bear a few years back. He is four and a half now. He has already planned his next birthday party, every holiday before and after, and will give me the instructions I need to make things happen!
Oklahoma City public school teachers are on strike. I support them. ūüćé My little one is in Pre-K! He really likes to stay home with Momma and play, read and watch cartoons & movies….and eat all day! He is really growing up strong and tall.
Summer is coming and we are talking about karate classes and swimming.
Note to self: get computer ready to make posting easier…
I hope your April is gloriously wonderful.
Big hug, Deborah

P.s. life is short; stop and smell all the flowers!



Too hot!

Okay, so I live in Oklahoma where the summers are hot. I am not a summer kind of girl. I sunburn, attract bugs, and overheat! Wish I was a summer loving person because I do like getting in the pool.

And going to the lake.

Hope your summer is blazing however you like it! Big hug, Deborah

Totally unpredictable weather in Oklahoma. It is going to be warm today. (I should have been a weather girl)!

Thought you would like some art, Etsy of course, to make you smile. Just a little gallery from the past.

All is well in my world. Hope you are well and happy!

Big hug, Deborah

Life is hectic. ¬†I am learning that everything doesn’t have to be a crisis, drama, hectic (smile)! ¬†Having to share my sweet little boy has been the hardest thing. ¬†He is almost four and the birth person decided she wanted him back. ¬†Baby father is trying to be nice and work it out. ¬†All I can do right now is “keep mouth shut” and remember that every moment with him is a blessing. ¬†Legal stuff is in the works….

I am learning to be nicer to myself.  Yes.  It is time now.

Hope all is well in your world.  Big hug, Deborah


Been chillin’






Happy January! Mild winter here. Little snow. That is all right with me. Not much ice to slip on! Hope all is well in your worlds.

I will try to post more often, and if I miss out, remember that I am always giving you a big hug,